Within this site is a collection of my work. But aims to be so much more. I intend to use it as a place to share current enquiries, and collect them so they are not forgotten. Memories and ideas are fleeting but I intend to use this as a place to record and re-visit them. Packaged Imaginarium is not only a place to imagine new worlds but a place to reflect upon the one in which we live.

With this inaugural post, I would like to mark the beginning of a new chapter. I have recently completed school and have now entered into the realm of professional design. A practice that at times, seems all too real, and with that, it brings the mundane. Packaged Imaginarium will be my outlet. A place to collect my thoughts, and my intentions. You could call it an addendum to my personal sketchbook, collected and projected on the web.

In a way, this blog brings with it, accountability. In 2020 it is all too easy to find distraction, but by forcing one to "put it out there" the opportunity to procrastinate is diminished. This blog and webpage will be my motivation to practice, and a public record of my progress. This is the beginning of something. Of what, I am not certain. But like always, in time, things will become clear.
A lot of things have been put on hold as a result of covid. As we begin to see the finish line for this long marathon, our legs now feel like jello. More than ever we are feeling the ramification of ceasing all things that lead to any previous success. Friendships. Honestly one of the most motivating things is a peer to peer competition. Gone. Studio, the highest functioning place of work. Gone. Now, 18 months on. Motivation, optimism, and unfortunately any creativity has gone and fluttered away, in the covid filled breeze. I can only hope that the return to somewhat normal life returns with it the passion that previously burned through my veins. One question will remain, is covid the actual suspect of my disappointment and misery? Or is it my inability to quickly adapt to working within the profession, under the direction go the developer? In time all things come clear.
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